Feeling La Dolce Vita? Savour our Italian music channel today

  • 15 July 2021
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Feeling La Dolce Vita? Savour our Italian music channel today
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Ah, Italy! :flag_it: you may think that this country is only famous for...

Pizza! :pizza:

Pasta! (oops, food again)

Vespas! :motor_scooter:


Football! :soccer::first_place:

Cars! :race_car:

Gelato! :icecream: (ok, everyone loves Italian food, that's a fact)

But also…


Music! :saxophone::violin::musical_score::drum::microphone:


And that's why Deezer is giving you an ensemble of the best 'all things Italian', in music.

From the most nostalgic Italian classics to the trendiest Italian Hip-Hop, this is the channel for all gusti.

There's a playlist for Summer in Tuscany, Italian Cuisine and even one for the Sanremo Music Festival :heart_eyes:

Bravo, Deezer!

Feeling Bellissimo? Head to our Italian music channel right now and let us know below what's your capolavoro:



3 replies

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I am currently searching for the question about our favorite artists from Italy. Can’t find it... :nerd:

I answer anyway. :joy:

Mine is Eros Ramazzotti. My first album from him was Musica É, which my sister brought me from Italy ... on cassette. A long time ago…

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My is Ryan Paris and his No.1hit Dolce Vita 👍

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Italian hardstyle dj yes… Zatox…

He’s amazing 24/7… and DJ Anime is Italian Hardcore DJ yes.

She’s Hardcore Machine!!! Made in Italy!