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  • 30 August 2018
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Please can you add artists that feature on tracks. I dont know why you wouldn't have this...#@%@ sake...im thinking of re subscribing to premium since the recent updates, but this is a peev of mine that i think is quite simple to apply...

5 replies

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Hi there, sorry for the delayed reply. We do usually do that. Can you give us a couple of examples? Happy to check with the music team 🙂
Ermmm, theres loads. We'd be here forever. Its something which has been mentioned before, by many people; yet no change. Its ridiculous and annoying...

Logic ysiv
Nicki minaj queen
Eminem kamikaze...these are just a few. Its basicall every album. Its strange. I cant resubsribe until this small thing is fixed entirely. So until then... : (
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Hi there, sorry for the delayed reply. We do usually do that. Can you give us a couple of examples? Happy to check with the music team 🙂

The person was asking that you (Deezer) feature artists. This means to have a list of artists that are Popular to New to Indie that have “new” music that has been released that stands out to Deezer. So it is like a recommendation to Deezer listeners for the particular genres that they like. So for each genre Deezer picks out Pro/Popular Artists and New Artists and Indie Artists that have released new music that Deezer loves and wants others to hear. So “Deezer Feature Artists” are music artists in each genre that Deezer wants to tell everyone about. This is very important to Indie Artists. Thus, Deezer would create a way for Indie Artists to submit a form for their new music to be featured by Deezer. Deezer would then have personnel listen to the new music to see if they would like to feature. If you decide not to then no need to notify all of the artists. Just notify the artists that you choose that they will be featured or recommended or suggested by Deezer. Also ask the Artists what genre they want to be included in for the album or song...also ask what other artists whose style they are being similar to. For example my new album Optimus Chill 2 I would want in the Chill Hop or Jazz Hop genres and to reference artists like Stan Forebee, Ian Ewing, Biosphere, Birocratic, Cloudchord, Leavv, Fitz&Suppe, Lakey Inspired, Park Bird and a few others.

Hello, when looking at my queued music, the artists that feature on the track are not shown anywhere. This is when I am using chrome desktop browser

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Hey @Ndlovini 

Thanks for letting us know. Have you tried clearing cache and cookies to see if it helps? Is your Chrome up-to-date?

Send us a screenshot, please :thumbsup_tone2: