Favorite artist missing: Burzum

  • 29 January 2018
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I absolutely love this app but it would be even better if every Burzum album was in this app. I noticed they are in Spotify but I wouldn't want to change to Spotify only because of this problem since I like Deezer way better. Is there a possibility more Burzum could be added to this app? Thank you

5 replies

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Hi @Veini.Laakso

Thanks for your ❤️

I recommend you to check this post about artists & albums missing on Deezer, you can share here the albums that are missing.

We have another option that is to add the mp3 to your music library!

Hope it can helps!

Any news about this? After two Years still nothing. Regards

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Hi there @Romeica 

Thanks for reaching out.
You'll need to visit this topic here and use the form to request it :wink:

Mystery solved directly by your customer service: “Unfortunately, this is the result of an editorial decision  to limit this artist visibility on our site.” So it’s the policy of deezer to lie to their customers? Are you a content distributor or what else? Can't you separate the music from the individual's visions? Shame on you

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Hi there @Romeica 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - I believe my colleague's words were taken out of context - there has been no decision in relation to this. If music is missing, it may be due to agreements with artists, labels or right holders are still underway or have not been met. If you can’t find a song or album you are looking you can check in the following link above :thumbsup_tone2: