Everyone enjoy a bit of Bollywood!

Hey Deezer, loving the music, but I would reaallllyyy lovvvee a board with all the Bollywood music. Please please please make one, i am sure Im not alone, everyone would enjoy a bit of Bollywood 😁

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Hello to the whole Deezer team! ♥

Please make a Bollywood Chart or Bollywood Board with Indian music. Any type of Hindi music would be AWESOME!!
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Hi @Leens, we have some amazing playlists like the Bollywood Mumbai and Bollywood Love Songs.

I totally agree that everyone enjoys a bit of Bollywood! Please share with us your favorite artists!!!
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Hi @Leens

Check out the Essential Bollywood playlist 🙂 hope you like it! 🙌

I am quite disappointed with the Bollywood selection available on Deezer. While I understand that there are always content acquisition and rights issues and that you are not in India it still doesn't make sense for a Bollywood fan not in India to be on the service and not get half the songs or latest releases available. If there is no near term plan to make make more Hindi language content available I think it will be hard for me to stay on as a subscriber or recommend it to friends
Please add an indian/Bollywood channel on deezer.
Would be great for all fans on deezer!
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Hi there @IndiwarSingh

I've voted for your idea today 👍🏼
I saw the new movie 'Kabir Singh' album on deezer!
This was great! this is what we are expecting, to have access to new bollywood albums on deezer as well.
E.g, The app 'Gaana' do provide all of the new albums for free, but is only bollywood focused. Would be great to have such initiatives from Deezer as well.

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Thanks for the feedback @IndiwarSingh really good to know about initiatives like that 😉