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Hey @Nello Fernando

At the moment, please follow the information above 😉
Hello, I would like to update my artist profile with an Image. I am an independent artist who uses DistroKid for distribution. I don't see the option to do so through DistroKid. How can I get this done?

This is the link to my page:

If you could update it for me it would be awesome the image is below.

Thanks for the help,
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You can read below on how to do it :
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Hey @Pasha Paduta

Please see above on how to contact our support team to change your profile pic.

дравствуйте, меня зовут Даниил Полторак. Недавно были загружены мои два альбома. Но на исполнителе нет аватарки. Вы сможете ее поставить ?
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Hey @49BOY

Thank you for your query - sorry I'm replying in English, we currently don't offer support in Russian in our communities.
Please see above on how to change your artist profile pic 😉
It has been more than a year and my bands profile is still with no image and bio. how can i solve this?
how do you create an artist account or profile
My name is Martin Pfeiffer. I am a recording artist for children's songs.

I did put together a playlist under my own name, Martin Pfeiffer.;utm_content=playlist-6264201904&utm_term=2486787222_1563901696&utm_medium=web

The songs used for the playlist are all my own.
However, I was not able to link this playlist to my artist profile like in spotify!

It should be verx useful for promotion!!!
How can I do that?

Thanks and best regards,

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Hey there @dave bowdler @Juan.Conde @baeng-masterpieces

Please see above on how to contact our support team for further help 😉
Hey guys, I am hosting a podcast and for my reporting I would like to know how many people listen to which episode how often. Dou you know where I can get any statistics abour the podcast I am hosting?
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Hey there @BRAINEFFECT Podcast

Thank you for your patience. Please get in touch with our support team for further help.
Hi my name is Ouss and i uploaded on 09-08-2019 my first song But instead i got a new artist profile it went on a other artist that has the same name.
my arist name is Ouss.

This is the song i am talking about
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Hi there @Ouss

No problem, we can fix that for you. Just contact our support team for further help.