Duplicate albums

  • 18 July 2020
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Is it normal to have many duplicate albums? For example, Oasis has THREE 'Don't Believe The Truth' albums, and they all are just the same. Joji has two 'BALLADS 1' albums, and the difference between them is that one is Explicit and the other is not, but they're also the same. By the way, I enabled 'Hide unavailable tracks in your country'.

1 reply

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Very normal.

For example DJ THT’s album Open Up The Dancefloor on Deezer is three times.

First is DJ Edition (for DJ’s all tracks extended).

Second one is Radio Edition for normal consumers released by original label Tough Stuff! Records.

Third one is Radio Edition for Scandinavian listeners released by DJ Beat Records Scandinavia.

Look at the label information, you may find that different labels releasing.

Same with singles, and in singles, they may have different remix editions as well.

In some cases original release is taken down when distributor released it let’s say in Scandinavia, but more often than that they just don’t care and keep it all for users.

If you toggle do not show unavailable tracks, you may see less content. This option will remove these albums and Deezer will stop matching tracks and showing them as incomplete.