Deezer chart "Top Belgium" -> only taking into account the French part of the country?

  • 11 June 2020
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I’ve just moved from Spotify to Deezer HiFi for the sound quality.

Although I believe Deezer’s official editors do a great job when selecting music for playlists, I must admit I’m really disappointed by the Deezer chart “Top Belgium”.

As some of you know Belgium has two totally different cultures: a Flemish (60% of the inhabitants) and a French (40%). This means, both parts speak a different language, watch other tv channels, read other books and listen to totally different music. 

Living at the flemish side, I must admit that I’ve never heard of about 80% of the songs in the chart. Most of them are French rap that no radio station plays and no one listens to in the Flemish part. In addition to that all songs that 60% of the inhabitants listen to, see on tv shows and also appear in other official charts, don’t appear in the Deezer chart?

Does Deezer make a difference between both parts? 
- If yes: how comes I get the French playlist? 
- If no: how comes Deezer only takes the French choice into account? 

Don’t hesitate to compare the chart with Spotify’s chart for instance and you’ll see huge diferences.  


2 replies

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Hi there @baptistevod 

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, I'll be passing your comments directly to our editors to start a discussion. I'll get back to you once I get a response :v_tone2:

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Hey @baptistevod 

Here I am again. So our editors explained that our Deezer Charts aren't actually curated by them but by an algorithm that displays the 100 most streamed songs in the country. Because we as Deezer (French company) have more Wallonian/French-speaking users, the country charts are skewed towards French content.

However, they're happy to help you with a tailor-made approach, and also suggested this playlist - hope you enjoy it :wink: