Conflating Two Bands Named "Leathers"

  • 8 September 2021
  • 3 replies

There appear to be two separate bands with very, very different music under the band name “Leathers.”  They unquestionably need to be separated.

3 replies

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Hey @SanityImpaired thank for reporting that.
Can you please provide the URL on Deezer for the band that you mentioned and also the albums that you think belong to each of them, in order to check with our music team?
Thanks :) 



The artist:

They’re out of Vancouver, Canada.  The EP Reckless is theirs.

The two albums listed, Class Action and Twist Your Blood, appear to be by a different artist out of the UK.

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It'll be sorted in a few days @SanityImpaired thank you for your feedback!