Censored tracks

  • 2 August 2018
  • 3 replies

I was listening to music and Deezer was leaving the swear words being sung/rapped which I liked and the next day the same tracks I listened to the day before started to become censored is the way I change it back to being uncensored?

3 replies

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Hi there, we can't enable or disable explicit language. We can only offer the tracks in the version they were delivered. It's possible that the licences for that track changed, which is why you can only hear the censored version atm. But I'm happy to pass this on to the music team. Hopefully the explicit version will be back soon! 🤞🏼
Hi deezer. I don't believe this for 1 second why would Joyner Lucas send censured content to Deezer and not Spotify, Deezer needs to change this. Rap ain't worth listening to with words missing let's keep it a 100 Deezer. I would choose Deezer over any other musik platform i really like Deezer's user interface but if this can't be fixed I am ready to change music platform
Hi, I noticed as well, Picture me rollin' by 2Pac was not censored a while ago, now, every fourth word is bleeped and with some weird sound sample that's even off beat 😃 I really don't think record label would send that 🙂