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Similar questions have been asked here but nobody seems to answer them fully.
Certain songs such as topanga by trippie redd have been added to my playlist as the explicit version but then are changed automatically by deezer into clean versions. Then when i find the explicit version again and add it, the same thing happens and the clean version is added instead. I prefere the original versions but cannot have it in my playlists.
other answers include ‘we can only post songs which we have’, but its not that deezer doesnt have the song its that its being changed in my playlisys.

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Hi there. It all depends on what the artist/distributors send us as to whether music is explicit or censored. 😉
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Hi there. It all depends on what the artist/distributors send us as to whether music is explicit or censored. 😉
What an unprofessional answer, I am paying Deezer so I expect to have a solution not just an excuse. I like the platform but it's incredible you do nothing to solve this.
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Hi deezer. I don't believe this for 1 second why would Joyner Lucas send censured content to Deezer and not Spotify, Deezer needs to change this. Rap ain't worth listening to with words missing let's keep it a 100 Deezer. I would choose Deezer over any other musik platform i really like Deezer's user interface but if this can't be fixed I am ready to change music platform.
If deezer dont stop censoring im switches to another music platform om not on a family plan i want my music how i want it
This is getting ridiculous. Nearly all of the songs are censored. There is obviously an issue with Deezer. I am looking at switching if Deezer cannot fix this censorship issue. I have used Deezer for years and it seems now that every song is censored and you cannot find an uncensored version. Can someone look into this or write an algorithm that if you are over 18 years old on your profile, it pushes all uncensored music unless you do not want it?

I’m going to add my name to the list of people that are annoyed that you keep putting censored versions of music in my Flow.  I want the ability to default my search results and Flow suggestions to include ONLY explicit versions.  If all you have is a clean version, I don’t want to listen to it.

Add a “Censored” field in your song database, 1 = yes, 0 = no.  Done.

There are complaints about this from years ago?  Do you guys just not understand the problem, or do you just have no desire to fix it?

Also adding to this thread to say I’m starting to get really annoyed by the lack of certain uncensored albums. Recent examples include Post Malone’s Hollywood’s Bleeding and Gang Starr’s One Of The Best Yet.

Both of these albums are butchered by censorship on Deezer and no alternative is present. I’ve had to resort to listening to them on YouTube.

I hope you understand how catastrophic of a situation this is for a music streaming service.

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Hi there @DrCat 

Thank you for your feedback - apologies for the lack of content you like. I've relayed your feedback to the relevant teams here :thumbsup_tone2:

I wholeheartedly agree with the collective disappointment, and I'm on the brink of switching providers for this and other faults. The fact that I've taken tons of time to choose MY music, explicit content included, only to have Deezer change it is damn insulting. 

Would love to hear a potential solution on this. Unwarranted censorship shows a lack of respect to consumers who chose to support your platform.

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Thank you for your honest feedback @Ragehawk. Sorry you feel that way.

Deezer doesn't control much of the content which is placed in the platform by the distributors. But I'll pass your feedback on - I agree that we should have an easier way to spot explicit content. Check this topic for more info on music that you feel is missing :thumbsup_tone2:

Hello everyone I made this post to find out if it's normal that on certain titles of $ uicideboy $ for example there is censorship of insults leaving only a sound hole in the music So I wanted to know if it is normal and if we can deactivate it Thank you

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Hey @Pablo Depaire 

Thanks for your feedback. Could you give us examples by posting the link(s) here?

I listened to the After Hours album by The Weeknd and the songs are clearly censored even though there are explicit tags. This is unacceptable, I want to hear the pure emotions of the artist not this censored BS. I am considering cancelling my subscription this is a huge flaw.

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Hello Quenger, I agree with you, but unfortunately the content offered by Deezer depends on what the music labels agreed to deliver. Sometimes there are both a censored and uncensored version, make sure that’s not the case here.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Oh really now. So the label gave deezer (based on your policy I assume) the censored version but uploads the uncensored version to youtube. :thinking:  I should just use youtube instead then.

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Hey @Quenger 

Thanks for coming back to us. We're unable to comment on what labels made available in other platforms.

But I believe that Kevin was referring to distributors, not the labels themselves - he's a community manager for the French community as well and I believe that was the word he intended to use. That's how it works in this industry, distributors take care of spreading the content to streaming platforms.

Every platform has a different agreement, according to country rights, and different audiences. If there's a specific version of a song you'd like to be added to the catalogue, please check this topic here :thumbsup_tone2:

Why is explicit content censored? 


I am an adult who chooses to listen to the explicit versions of the artists songs because that how the artist intended for people to hear their music.  however im creating a playlist of my favourite Rap Music. yet when i get to the Eminem album

the tracks are censored despite it clearly being labelled explicit. 


can this please be rectified as i might not continue to subscribe to Deezer if this censorship of adults continues.

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Hello @Manc Red, when I use the link you gave me, it indeed directs me to the censored version, not the explicit one. You can find the explict one here.

Have a nice day

Hi there. It all depends on what the artist/distributors send us as to whether music is explicit or censored. 😉

Please present your initiative to ensure countries (and user) not having legal censored limits can get “free” music again. Br, Mikkel   

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This is definitely something we can influence @Larsen but cannot control - labels and distributors decide where the music goes in this industry :grimacing:

Thank you fo your feedback, we'll get in touch with them in any case! :nerd: