Can you please make customized Arab, Iraqi, Turkish and Persian playlists?

I am noticing that most suggestions on my home page are English although I listen to more Arabic .

It would be great if Deezer had more Arabic, Iraqi , Turkish and Persian playlists and a personal DJ from which you can select what mood you are in and have customized songs for that depending on the language you prefer.

Also, a constantly updated playlists of New Arabic, Iraqi , Turkish and Persian songs and also top songs listened to . 

Please work on your Iraqi content more !


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Hi there @Ahmed H. Ali 

Thanks a lot for your feedback. It's really good to have an overview of what's going on on your side too so that we can improve our content in the MENA region. We're quite new there, you know :relaxed: but we're committed to keep improving so I've passed your feedback to our team of editors :wink:

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They've got back to me @Ahmed H. Ali 

The reason why you don't get our tailored content is that you're in the UK.

However, our editors had several playlists for you: