between the buried and me - colors II missing??

  • 23 August 2021
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Why is colors II by between the buried and me not available on deezer? Missing out big time not being able to listen to this beauty in HIFI..


Best answer by dee_dirk 24 August 2021, 18:08

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Same question, as its available on other streaming platforms, and all their previous albums are on Deezer. We only have 2 singles of the record, it makes no sense that we don’t have the full album. It’s been out for 4 days now.

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@sachg @LeGarsQuiEcouteDlaMusique 

I was able to find the new album directly on Deezer.

Awesome, they must have added it in the meantime, it sure wasn’t there this morning. Thanks @dee_dirk  !

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Yep, popped up yesterday. What an album. 👌🏻

Interesting that its still not showing on the artist page

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Its showing on the web page but not in the windows app - I’m assuming it will refresh overnight

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Very likely to update overnight, yes @druzil and if you restart your PC, let us know!