Any App to follow the concerts of your favourite group? (Sebastien E)

  • 26 October 2018
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Hi All,
I am a big fan of U2 but I can't easily find their next concerts tour? or I see different dates and places from one website to another. Do you know if there are any apps where you could follow your fav singers/groups?
Sebastien Elbied

3 replies

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I use Songkick app, but hopefully Deezer will implement a similar feature!

Thank you Rafael. I think it is time I look into it these days since stuck at home with this stupid virus… Thanks a lot, Sebastien


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Hello @Sebastien Elbied, thank you for getting back to us after all this time :smile: Take care of yourself, and don’t wait for the next pandemic to talk with us, you are always welcome here :wink: