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  • 14 December 2017
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Hi there @Krs Sns

Thanks a lot for the feedback. We've been working hard to improve our catalogue metadata but it's a process which is currently taking some time. But we have plans to improve this process still this year. So please bear with us a bit longer 👍🏼

The end is near - of this year. How is progress on this topic?

I still see many Genesis albums “released” on 2008/01/01 and 2007/01/01…


While we are at it: I would like to sort Albums by their actual Release Date, ASCENDING and DESCENDING. Often I try to check a band and learn something about all their released albums, and how they developed over time. 

I definitely agree with the others in this thread.

Unfortunately, the actual release dates for a large number of albums do not match reality.  I do not understand this decision, which lacks meaning. It does not help my orientation in the creation and history of performers and thus this service loses its meaning. It is a pity because otherwise I was satisfied. After a year I leave for Spotify premium. The second less important reason is the absence of the Deezer spotify connect function.

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Hi there @lb201911 @rene.viskup 

Thank you for your support and feedback. We agree that not having these release dates correctly is a bummer. But we're working on cleaning our catalogue, and this work will only increase. So bear with us a bit longer! 

Hi there 🙂 Thanks for the feedback.
I will be happy if you manage to update the album release dates soon. It would certainly help others.
I decided to stay with Deezer after a bad weekend experience with Spotify premium and subscribe next year.

Spotify randomly deletes the complete offline music archive on my Sandisk 200GB mobile SD card. At Deezer, I never had this problem. With Deezer I had no problem with different types of SD cards or using the VPN service on wifi or mobile network.
I need and use the offline archive on my mobile phone especially when traveling by car or away from home. I have my SD card encrypted because I have personal data on it.

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Hey again @rene.viskup 

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us! I'll be passing your feedback to the relevant teams here :thumbsup_tone2:

Yes indeed, it’s a really big issue on Deezer. I understand “Ye” is only into hiphop but if you offer a service like this, all release dates should be correct. Most of the listed dates are the dates of a “remaster” or something similar. Need to be fixed!

Hi there 🙂 Thanks a lot for the feedback. May I ask what device you are using?

Pfff this stupid default answers…

The Deezer database contains the wrong release dates for a lot of (classic) albums, they contain the release dates of remasters not of the original release dates of the albums. So the error is in the fact you use machines to put the dates in the id3 tags. Hire a decent programmer who writes a script to set the original release dates instead of the dates your hosted (remastered) version came out!

please do it soon cause people will change service.

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Hi there @Stavros 

Thank you very much for your input and support. You're right, we spotted this is an issue since last year - and dedicated more resources to it. We'll continue to invest in improving the quality of the information provided by our catalogue, rest assured - it's a continuous process. For a company of our size, it takes more time than what our users deserve, but there's a commitment from our teams to deal with this :thumbsup_tone2: