Album not marked as explicit

Two versions of the same album without any differences, no [explicit] tag, as well as no parental advisory marking on album cover. Can we get explicit mark somewhere?

Also when I enable option to not recommend explicit content, [explicit] mark appears with the tracks on both versions of album, which is wrong.

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On both links you have Explicit tag . See below :

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Hi @Noam Asulin to be honest I cannot see those tags either and actually reported this to our catalogue team. Which browser are you using?
Noam Asulin wrote:

On both links you have Explicit tag . See below :

Yes, and it's incorrect. One album is clean and should not have those tags. (I said about that in last sentence in parent post)

@Flo.Deezer Those tags appears only when you activate this option: Account settings -> Display settings -> "Do not recommend explicit content". But logically it should be always shown.