Album available but not linked to artist page on Deezer

  • 16 November 2020
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I’ve discovered an irregularity in the Deezer catalogue. If you search for the artist “Tom Chaplin” and load his artist page, it is missing his debut album “The Wave” which is available here. And when you are on that album page and click the artist name, the album still doesn’t show up, so something is screwed up there. People searching for the artist would assume the album is not available, when it clearly is.



Best answer by moondogx 18 January 2021, 19:12

Good music is universal! Thanks Rudi hope it gets fixed soon!

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20 replies

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Hey @recurringdream 

Thanks for reporting this. I've forward your comments and links to our catalogue teams :wink:

Something similar happens also with the group “The Darkness”:
when you are in the Artist page ( , in the Albums list there are many missing.

If you know the album name, it is returned by the search (es:  or and if you click on the artist name it goes to the artist page where the very album is not present.

Please fix the indexing problem, thank you which makes you miss out on a lto of music when playing by artist. Thank you! 

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You're absolutely right @moondogx damn! The Darkness is one of my favourite groups.

I'll let our catalogue teams know right away!

Good music is universal! Thanks Rudi hope it gets fixed soon!

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It should be all fixed now @moondogx :sunglasses:

The albums of Rufus Wainwright aren’t appearing in his profile:

Albums that should be there in his artist profile:


His albums not showing on his profile as an artist is an error in Venezuela, at least.

Quick related question: can anyone join the team of the Deezer catalogue?

I will love to help fixing these kind of things. I already do something similar as a Goodreads librarian:

Hello Rudi,

the same happens with Tears to Fears, where the ' everybody loves a happy ending’ album does exist but it does not appear in the artist page.

Thank you for taking care!

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Hey @sebasarena 

Replied to you here: 

Hi again @moondogx 

Can I please have the exact link? It speeds things up :pray_tone2:

There you go:

not appearing in  TFF page :


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Thanks again @moondogx I've passed it on to get sorted!

I have the same with Danko Jones & Atmosphere

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Hey @Ronald_B 

Thanks for letting us know. Is there a chance you can give us the exact Deezer links? You just have to find 'share' and paste it here :relaxed:

Hi Rudi,

Danko Jones is:

Atmosphere is:

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Thanks for coming back @Ronald_B just to confirm, they're both profiles missing content, is that it? 

Thanks for coming back @Ronald_B just to confirm, they're both profiles missing content, is that it? 

Yes, for example I only see Live at Wacken at the page of Danko Jones while there are a lot more albums to find. The same for Atmosphere. 

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Gotcha! I've mentioned that to our catalogue teams, they'll look into it. Keep an eye on the artists in the next couple of days and let me know if you notice any difference! @Ronald_B 

@Rudi it works again, thnx!

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Thank you for reporting it @Ronald_B please let us know if you find anything else :relaxed:

I ran into the same problem with Attitude City not showing up on the page for Ninja Sex Party. It looks like something must have been overwritten since Strawberries and Cream is listed twice, with the second listing having the release date for Attitude City (2015, as opposed to Strawberries and Cream’s release of 2013).

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Excellent and detailed feedback @Mizafim that's what we need!

Thank you very much, it's been forwarded :thumbsup_tone2:

Have a nice weekend!