Add all of Queen’s songs to deezer

  • 10 January 2022
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Deezer is missing the full catalog of the world’s best band

really wish I could add songs like Death on two legs, mother love, a winter’s tale, tear it up and other Queen songs that are not on the platinum collection, Queen 1, Sheer Heart attack or Innuendo to my playlist’s. Queen has more to offer than there many great hits. Artist like David Bowi have full catalogs I think Queen should be included in that club.


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5 replies

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Hello @William A. Iversen, we do have all the songs you quoted: 

Can you see them from the links below? 


Unfortunately it is telling me that the content is unavailable at this moment. I am from Canada could it have something to do with that?

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Yup. Those tracks and the albums they're on (A Night at the Opera and Made in Heaven) are not available in Canada. 

Will they ever be available ?


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No clue myself but if you've got the music already via CD or wherever you can upload it to Deezer. No hifi (you can only upload up to 320 kbps) but that beats the silence you're enjoying now.