Stereophonics - Kind (deluxe). Several tracks broken

  • 24 May 2020
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Stereophonics - Kind (deluxe) album, several songs affected:

- "I just wanted the goods" after 2:33 min playing, song stops and crashes.

- "Fly like an eagle" broken, after 2 mins it finishes and crashes 

- "stitches", song's duration is 02:46, after that it continues playing "silence - nothing" for 2 minutes, necessary to force next track pressing key in app.

- "hungover for you" during playing, in 1:18min, song skips till the end and player plays silence during 2 minutes. Necessary to force next track button for passing to next song.

- "Bust this town" same behaviour, crashes in 1:37 minute.

I suggest to review full album and to upload it again, it sounds as metadata errors.

It happens in any device I've played this album I consider is a media problem.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Christian Arenas 

5 replies

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Are U using the HIFI subscription ? If so I think it currently has some issues . ..


Thanks a lot for your message Noam.

I use Deezer Premiun (not HiFi)

As told, it seems an specific issue with those metadata’s track. Maybe Deezer guys could reload it again.


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Hi there @Christian Arenas 

It's playing beautifully here on my side. Have you tried clearing the app's cache to see if it makes a difference? Keep us posted, please :wink:

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Hi there @Christian Arenas 

Thanks for the detailed info. We can certainly look into it :thumbsup_tone2:

Could you please forward the link for the exact version you've been listening to?


Here it is:

Stereophonics - Kind (deluxe)