When is "Automated Recommendations" or "Song Mix" coming to mobile?

  • 23 July 2018
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Deezer desktop and web play allow me to start a song in a "radio" style, by using the "automated recommendations" system. Similarly, Deezer for Android beta has a feature called "Song Mix", which performs a similar functionality. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to receive the Beta update, so I am unable to use this feature. When can we expect this in a stable release version? I expect that the "song mix" feature is perfectly stable, and it is frustrating that the desktop player has this functionality and us mobile users are left behind. It would be extremely easy to start a "song mix" in the form of "automated recommendations" once you start a song in the queue on mobile, but even having the "song mix" on the stable version will be helpful..

4 replies

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Song mix is already available in Deezer labs on current Deezer Android version. Go to Settings > Deezer labs, at the bottom of the page there should be a switch to enable song mix. Then you can launch a song mix from contextual menu of a track (the 3 dots at the right of a track).

Hope this helps you.
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Couldn't find it in Android...
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Hi @Felipe.Toral

I think it's on the android beta (not the normal) which you can download and try.
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Hi @Felipe.Toral

I think it's on the android beta (not the normal) which you can download and try.

In order to download the beta app you need to use Google plus. Which is - forgive the choice of words here - stupid.

Also there's some waiting involved. The whole thing doesn't make a lot of sense.

And the funny/sad thing is that this feature should be in the current version for a long time, it's not supposed to be an "extra". It's a trivial function that every other player out there comes with, out of the box.

This, coupled with the limit on how many songs you can favorite make this app very sub par.

Perhaps Deezer should be looking for a few developers who actually understand UX.