v6.0.10 design changes

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What do you guys think of the design changes in android beta 6.0.10?
I think the new bottom navigation bar is an improvement and it looks clean, but I really don't like the coloured background of the player. Imo the blurred background was way better. The new coloured background doesn't fit most of the album art as is just picks the most vibrant/dominant colour and adapts to that. I noticed there are only a couple of colours which are being reused. A lot of times the colours are way too bright and destroy the mood of the album art.

I'm wondering why this was even changed, because it looked pretty good with the background blur. I'd rather see new features like gapless playback or better performance than useless design changes.

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I like it more with the single color rather than blurred cover, but not the way it is implemented currently. It feels like it doesn't reflect the cover's color quite right and has some limited color pool.
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The colored background of the player is too enhanced . The color should be less enhanced . I do like the fact the navigation is in the bottom and we can use the search option from every screen like on Spotify .
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I just noticed another great change which is finally there (and i hope is not a bug). Now touching a blank space is not doing anything. Previously any blank space touch would minimize player and it was so hard sometimes to even switch track without minimizing the player.
I'm really glad it's finally here 🙂 thanks Deezer team!
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@Sky since you are modifying the layout of the app, is there any chances to include all the artists of a song separated by comma in the artists field in all screens (playlist, album, player, music search cell...)? Currently, all the artists only appears in the album search cell (when the "album" is a single)
Oh my god the design isn't a good choice of this update !
This is such great news !!!
Deezer was in desperate need of a redesign. The UX is finally adapted to larger screens (that was long overdue), the now playing screen finally looks modern.

That being said, the single color in the now playing screen is a great evolvement but I agree it's a little to enhanced. Actually it would be kind of perfect to use the same "color picking" as in a playlists page, it would look smoother, softer, cleaner.

Thank you so much Deezer for this amazing update !!! Hope you keep this design!
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I think we can all agree that the new bottom navigation bar was a good choice. It makes navigation on larger screens a lot easier. But I'm still not a fan of the new colours in the player. The colours simply don't fit the album covers. The colours in playlist and album pages aren't really good either imo.

I think it's best to use (shades of) actual colours from the album art and not just from a limited selection. Like I said, the colours mostly don't fit the album cover, they are either to soft or too enhanced, too dark or too bright.

I still prefer the background blur, but if you nail the colour picking algorithm, then it could look a lot better. And using the same colour in the playlist and album pages and in the player would be better I think.
Just, don't leave it as it is now, please.
I don't particularly like the new design but I suppose I can live with it. Does Deezer have any plans at all to include an optional dark mode?
Hey everyone, many thanks for your feedbacks. Be sure they will be transferred to the appropriate teams :)
@formidible2 Not officially, no, sorry!
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@amerle What about my question?
I love the new design as it is. The colored background is something that Pandora One had too when it came out (not sure if they still have it). Using a dominant color from the cover is a great idea. I don't like the black boring background as it was before and as it is in Spotify. Deezer looks unique now and develops in the right direction.

Making the colors a bit less saturated would be better though.
Maybe give us the option to disable the coloured background. This would be a significant improvement.
I like the bottom navigation bar. I just wish it would stay there when navigating inside the application. If I navigate to an artist page or deeper than that, I have to hit back a bunch of times to see the navigation bar again. I find that frustrating. Sometimes I just minimize app and long press icon and choose search to get back to the navigation bar. It's sometimes faster. I shouldn't have to do that though.