Problem with Downloaded albums in Android app and track numbering

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As you can see in the image, for some reason in my Galaxy S8 some of the downloaded albums appear fine and some without any artwork or info. Only when I click on the album and go back all the info and artwork is shown!.

I will place another problem here because I think it is only in the app, as you can see in the image below there are some weird numbering of some tracks:

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Hello @Felipe.Toral

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
We are aware of the bug about the tracks number, here is the ticket number so you can track when it'll be fixed : PROF-5395. But can you tell us some details about it, is it always appearing and do you know the steps to reproduce it ?
And we also know the other bug, here is the ticket : PROF-6526.

We will try to fix those bugs as soon as we can.
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Hello @Camille B

How do I suscribe to that ticket number? Do I look for it as a thread?
I don't know how to reproduce it, the problem with the Downloaded albums is repeating with the same albums over and over. As I said, I fix it by clicking on the album and when I go back the album info is filled again. But the problem reappears when I kill/close the apps in my phone, then I go back to Deezer and to the Downloaded albums and the same albums are again missing their info.
The downloaded albums I have the problem right now are Parquet Courts - Wide Awake, Graveyard - Peace, The Sea Within - The Sea Within, to name a few.

About the track numbering, I haven't detected a way to reproduce it or to temporarily solve it.

When it ll be fixed you ll be able to find the ticket number under the release note that is pinned as the first thread of the forum :

Thanks for the details you gave us.
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I checked again about PROF-6526, now the info is shown on every album (sometimes it is not but it seems to fix itself). But now there seems to be a even worse problem... I have downloaded 2 times now the same album (in this case Haken - Vector) but the album doesn't appear in my downloaded albums, I search the album again and it gives me the option to downloaded again, as I have never downloaded it before.
Please check it out.
Hello @Felipe.Toral ,

Yes we had some bugs with the download of songs. We worked a lot on it for the next beta, that will arrive real soon.
Please let us know if you still had the problem with the download, when you'll be on the next beta.
And unfortunately we didn't handle the PROF-6526 yet.
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Hello, I am still having the same issue as 7 months ago(original post)!, some albums always lose their information and show grey icons (as the images on the original post) until I click on them.