Not a fan of universal shuffle mode

  • 21 October 2018
  • 1 reply

I started using the beta about a month ago and have been confused because nothing seems different.

The only exception seems to be that when I turn on shuffle for a given playlist or release, every other release I listen to stays on shuffle until I turn it back off. I could have sworn that before I installed the beta, shuffle mode would only apply to the playlist or release I had used it for. I liked this much better...there are only select playlists I like to shuffle, and having the app proceed to shuffle everything else is annoying.

1 reply

Hello !

We're proud to count you among our community of Beta users :-)

Our Beta program is here to offer previews of upcoming features and/or bugfixes that are not yet released in the official Application. Some Beta versions will include big new features while others may only improve what's happening under the hood... So stay tuned for new features in future Beta releases!

Regarding the shuffle mode issue you're raising, there's nothing new about it. Enabling shuffle mode in the player is a global setting that remains active for all contents you play (except for Flow and Mixes)

Enjoy Deezer App!