Metadata issue

  • 13 January 2019
  • 1 reply

I still have a metadata problem in my car (bmw i3). I changed the AVRPC code to 1.3 in developer settings (default is now 1.4) and metadata returned, however when I return to car it has disappeared again. No other AVRPC codec works with Deezer. I have to reboot phone to get metadata back. I don't have any issue with metadata showing up when I use Google Play Music no matter which codec is used. Really annoying and I know a lot of other car drivers are having same issues or worse. I have tried resets, re-linking Bluetooth, re-installng Deezer, clearing cache, etc, etc but nothing works. It must be fixable because why does Google Play Music have no metadata issues?

Can we please have a fix for this soon?

1 reply

I might add I also have no problem with Spotify either.