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For around two days I have endless loading icon on everything not preloaded. Only preloaded tracks are available, same for albums, flow, and fav artists menu(it doesn't even load the page). Search doesn't work too. After force stoping the app I'm partly able to see the main page and flow menu in addition to the saved tracks, but that's all. Tried on LTE and WiFi. Browser version works just fine. Deezer offline mode set to off.
App version
Android version 8.1.0
Flyme(firmware) (last updated two month ago, and Deezer worked just fine)
Subscription type Deezer Premium

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Best answer by Danial 5 July 2019, 22:24

Reinstalling app helped. Guess it was a local issue
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do you still have the problem with the last update?

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Reinstalling app helped. Guess it was a local issue
I had the same problem in app. Galaxy S8 with Android 9 and latest updates.

Reinstalling the app helped.