Google Android Alarm clock now has Spotify Integration...

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I know alarm is being tested in Beta (for Android)... hopefully it's going well and available for all users soon to compete with Spotify 🙂

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Yes, you are right. On July 31, 2018, Google announced that with the update of Google Cook app, Clock is available to use Spotify music as alarm without problem. But you should know that this Google Cook app works for Android only.
If you would like to set Spotify music as an alarm for iPhone or other iOS devices, you need to use Spotify to MP3 Converter for Mac to convert Spotify files to iPhone and then use iTunes to edit Spotify files as alarm with ease.
Hello, here is what you are looking for :

Deez's Music Alarm

I'm sorry, the text on the images is written in French, but it is a simple alarm clock application (available on Android devices) which allows you to wake up to your favourite Deezer tracks, albums playlists and even your "flow" !

This application has been developed independently from Deezer.

Do not hesitate to download it and share your thoughts in the comment section 🙂

You can even become a beta tester if you want to get the new features before everyone else ! For example, the current beta test has a Timer functionality..!

I hope you guys will enjoy this application 🙂