Cross-fade please!

  • 27 July 2018
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Hello, two years ago I asked for this basic and needed feature to be integrated in android and it seems it is still not implemented and I was told you where working on it...haha.
Could you please tell us when are you planning to develop it so we can switch to another streaming service if you´re not planning to do so?

Please be honest, I´m premium user for a long time but I would mind to switch back to any of the almost infinite options (google music, spotify, youtubemusic, tidal, amazon music...)

27 replies

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Hello @Juls281
Crossfade is already available in deezer labs (go to Settings > Deezer Labs) and on top you should have something called Crossfade Duration.
However this is not available on all devices, especially old ones do not have this feature.
Just have a check in your settings! Hope this corresponds to your needs.

Thank you for your fast answer.
I have a Huawei GX8 (February 2016), which is not too old, and in Deezer labs there's no cross-fade option.

Is there any other option to have the cross-fade option please?

I have Deezer family subscription and absolutely need this feature in my android phone.

Please help!!!

You can see the following screenshot of my mobile phone:

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Hi @Juls281 I have a Moto x Play also 2016 and my cross fade is there sometimes but most of the time it's not :(

I'm hoping it becomes more stable as it's highly voted for on the "Got an Idea" page and a basic function that the competition has.
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@Juls281 are you using the beta version of the app? If, yes that would mean unfortunately that your phone is not eligible to this feature.

@Rob Igo are you on the beta version of the app?
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Hi @Jean-Baptite Vincey

I was I've had phone problems and had to do a factory reset this morning, I've requested the beta version again today (I know it can take a few hours to come through).
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when I'm on the google app store it says "No eligible devices for app install" though the app store says "You are a tester"
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I'll see if it changes over the next few days as it says it can take a few hours before the version is available
I'm using Deezer normal version, not beta.
The following figure shows the version of the installed applications in my phone.

I have never seen the cross-fade option in Deezer labs.

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Hi @Juls281 the cross fade is ONLY available in the beta version (which is available to anyone)
I need this feature please!
I can't believe my phone doesn't support the cross fade option.
I have android 6.0.1.

Aready configure myself as a tester to see if new features appear in the app but nothing new.
HHoo i install de beta version? I have already checked myself as a tester but Deezer still keeps as normal beta
As you can see I'm already a tester but the beta version is instill not configured in my android phone.
I switched to beta yesterday

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I have the same problem. I did have the beta version on my phone but this week I had to to a factory reset. Since then even though it says I'm a beta tester I only have the normal version of android Deezer available to me.
So, is there a solution to this issue/bug?
Hello @Rob Igo and @Juls281,

If you register to the beta test program only this week, it's normal that you can't download any beta version of the app yet. You should wait that we upload a new beta to the program.
And the next beta will be out at the end of the week.
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Hi @Camille B

I never knew that! Fantastic! 🙂 thanks for letting us know! 🙂
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Hi everyone

Do you know if a list of the "enough recent" devices compatible with the crossfade option exists, so that we could know if we can use this function (even with the beta version...)?
S ai have already updated to beta (click multiple times in the app version to unlock the developer options and select the correct version) and to my surprise there's no cross-fade.
Here my screenshots of thedeezer beta version and the Deezer labs version of the beta, with no cross-fade.
So, is this a joke?
A 2016 phone with Android 6 does not support the cross-fade option?????? What?

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Hi @Juls281

I'm the same, got the beta yesterday and no crossfade, running an 2 year old phone with Android 7.1.1.

I understand this is a beta version and lab stuff will come and go as it's being test but I really really hope they put this in / make priority as all the competitors have it and it's a basic function 😞
Hello @Rob Igo & @Juls281,

We are really sorry that you don't have this feature enable on your phone.
Could you please tell us which kind of phone (brand & model) do you have in order to make it work if we can for a next beta ?

Thanks for your feedbacks
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Hi @Camille B

I have a Moto X Play running Android 7.1.1

it's about 2.5 years old.

If you need any further info off the phone please ask! I'd love to have cross fade back! 🙂
Thanks, my phone is a Huawei GX8 with Android 6.0.
Thumbs up if you can fix this for next beta version!
When will this be?
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Hi @Camille B

I just wanted to you let you know (in case it helps you) - if I restart my phone then crossfade is an option and works. Once I then close the app - when I go back to it later the crossfade option is no longer there?

I hope the info helps!
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As Rob Igo, I have a Moto G4 Plus (2 year old device running Android 7.0) and the crossfade option is not available, even after restarting the device.
As Rob Igo, I have a samsung galaxy a5 ( running Android 6.0.1) and the crossfade option is not available in deezer beta version, even after restarting the device.