Color of font almost unreadable

  • 31 January 2019
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Since recently the artist and title informations are in a rather greyish to white color. Therefore it's almost unreadable on the white background.

Using Android 9 on Google Pixel 2 XL

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Yep,I made a thread about this had three other people saying they encountered the same thing. BTW because I know they will ask I'm on Android pie, Google pixel 2xl. App version they replied about what decide I was using and 2 days after I responded I'm waiting for a reply. One thing I've noticed about Deezer and this community is they are very slow to respond. And that's if they respond at all. I've been reading many post there they don't reply at all.
Yep, same thing is happening here. Android 8.1. Samsung J5.
Started a few days ago...
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Same here. Briefly thought it was wider Android issue, but delighted to finally find I'm not alone?! Presumable no update yet - and where is your other post? We should just have one/combine them.

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Hello, the existing post on this topic is here =>
It will be fixed in the next release
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Thanks. Ironically it seemed to be fixed in the update a few days ago... but has already reverted to the same issue 😕