Bug start from Android Auto

  • 29 March 2019
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if deezer app is already start , i can use deezer throught android auto
if deezer app is killed before starting android auto. i have an error when i start flow, all other menus are empty.

S9 android 9.0

4 replies

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Can confirm. Same Problem for me.

Additional playback in Android Auto became really buggy with the latest version. Flow is now sometimes stopping during playback when the next song is starting, I need to push play again to continue the music.
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Hi there @Mitch22 and @Grumpf

We've just released a new version. Please update the app and let me know if it makes a difference (I'd try repairing the device to the car) 🙂
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Hi @Rudi , bug is still present with latest beta from 29.03.2019
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Bug is now fixed with