Android release notes 6.0.6

  • 4 February 2019
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A new beta version of our Android app was made available last week: v6.0.6

▷ [FLOW TAB] Replaced the chevron with a "Tracklist" button on Flow cards (in order to expand them) (PROF-7215)
▷ [homepage] Added the ability to enable / disable the slideshow's automatic rotation from the backend (PROF-7736)
▷ [search] Updated the offline message's copy & CTA when network is back in the Search tab (PROF-7800)
▷ [SOCIAL SHARING] Removed duplicated actions in context menus (CV-710)

▷ [content] Made sure the right wording is displayed when adding an artist to favorites (CV-752)
▷ [content] Ignore the error on the artist discography on album pages to properly display a downloaded album's page in offline mode (CV-751)
▷ [download] Fixed issues to download new albums on an account with a lot of favorite albums (refactored the user's 'Downloaded' page) (COREDROID-2298)
▷ [FLOW TAB] Fixed Flow card deeplinks after the app was left on My Music / Flow / Search tabs and killed (PROF-7876)
▷ [gdpr] Removed the grey layer displayed on the GDPR screen's button (CAC-1261)
▷ [localization] Made sure the Settings' webview entries are translated into Arabic (UE-5251)
▷ [player] Fixed missing context in the fullscreen player when listening to a manually added track (via a 'Play Next' or 'Add to queue') (COREDROID-2408)
▷ [playlist] [NETWORK RELIABILITY] Prevented infinite loading when removing a song from a playlist while offline (PROF-7923)
▷ [podcast] Added the ability to remove the 'Download' option for given podcasts flagged in the Podcast BO (PROF-7732)

Have a good week 🙂

6 replies

Font issue still not fixed. Light grey on white background. Difficult to read.


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Hello @RockSloth , this bug is known and should be fixed in the next release 🙂
This bug was already present in other releases, but also in this one so I'll share it here. When listening to multiple uploaded MP3s in succession, the notification will always show the first MP3's album art and not update when the next MP3 starts playing. When a track that was already available on Deezer is played after an MP3 the notification will update again. Track title and artist info is always displayed correctly.


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I got an update today - Are these release notes for this version or previous?

The UI issue for white titles on white background appears to have been fixed on my phone:-

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@C_III Thanks for the report, the bug has been filed (COREDROID-2482)
@formidible2 This release note is for the first version of the 6.0.6.X releases ( Minor updates are only for major bugfixes, like this white color bug. Minor bugs, like the bug reported by C_III will probably be fixed on the next major release if we can make it, so the 6.0.7.X
Are any release notes available for the current beta versions?