Android release notes 6.0.5

  • 9 January 2019
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Hey there!
Sorry about the delay, a new beta version was made available last Friday: v6.0.5

Here is what we can talk about:

▷ [LOGIN / SIGNUP] Added the ability to use an autolog into the Deezer Android app (so that a user associating an offer to a Deezer account can be logged in automatically and use Deezer immediately) (PPS-59)

▷ [downloads] Made sure albums are properly downloaded when back online, after their download was triggered while offline (COREDROID-2284)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Fixed the 'Play Flow' button on other users' profile (PROF-7538)
▷ [player] Removed Queue list editing possibilities when listening to a livestream (and prevented the player from freezing) (COREDROID-2213)
▷ [player] Fixed error message displayed when tapping shuffle play in the 'Downloaded' subpage while online (COREDROID-2395)
▷ [player] Fixed the swipe back gesture to play the previous song when listening to the offline shuffle (COREDROID-2340)
▷ [player] Stop displaying "track -" in front of each entry in the Queue list (COREDROID-2147)

Have a good week 🙂

7 replies

Pleased to report that the repeating twice of track info in the Radio Anchor feature has now been fixed.
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My app uppdsted to 6.0.6 today and the text is now white on a white background, the app is pretty much usable currently.
Yes. The options in the various settings screens are mostly greyed out for me in this update.

Still no fix for metadata being pushed through Bluetooth yet?
Agree, font colour issues in the latest version.

Light grey on white.

We need the option for dark mode. I know loads of people who want this.
Looks like dark mode is on track ! That's definitely a good news 😉
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The 6.0.6 release notes has just been published =>
The bug about the text being white should be fixed in the next update. 🌑