Android release notes 6.0.4

  • 3 December 2018
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A new beta version of our Android app was made available last week: v6.0.4


▷ [artist] Display all the sections of the artist page in carousels (CV-320)
▷ [artist] Removed the 'direct play' button on album and playlist cards in artist pages for free users (CV-208)
▷ [content] Added a message when users switch on / off explicit contents in the App Settings to warn them that it may take some time for the Deezer app to update(CV-569)
▷ [conversion] Added a new Offerwall card template with new colors (header & CTA) for the Winter Offer (UE-5320)
▷ [conversion] Added 2 new conversion entry points in the new masthead of windowed albums (for permanently and temporarily windowed albums) (UE-5379)
▷ [conversion] Display the Snackbar to free users after 1 click on a greyed out track (instead of 2) (UE-5391)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Replaced the wording of the sorting option "Playlists/Albums" with "By type" in the 'Downloaded' subpage of My Music (PROF-7545)
▷ [radio] Removed descriptions from livestream thumbnails in dynamic pages (PROF-6375)

▷ [FLOW TAB] Prevented Flow cards from overlapping the navigation bar when rotating the device to landscape mode (PROF-5887)
▷ [GOOGLE CAST] Added missing 'X' icon in the lockscreen and notifications to disconnect cast (PPS-65)
▷ [podcast] Made sure the dot in front of a podcast episode turns fully blue when the user reaches the end of the episode (PROF-7288)
▷ [podcast] Fixed the size of podcast episodes' context menus (PROF-7575)

Have a nice week 🙂

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Well I got version 6.0.5 last week, not 6.0.4. When will the release notes for this version be published?
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Hello @formidible2 , the release notes has just been published here: