Android release notes 6.0.2

  • 22 October 2018
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A new beta version of our Android app was made available last Friday: v6.0.2.13

Release Note:

▷ [content] Moved the 'Explicit' label from the top to the bottom of track cells (below the track name) (CV-519)
▷ [playlist] [songcatcher] Display a dialog box when users try to use a feature that requires permissions (camera, mic) whereas they refused these permissions in the past (PROF-6083)

▷ [gdpr] Prevented a crash on app start when 'Statistics' are not opted in in the consent settings (UE-5185)
▷ [gdpr] Fixed overlapping texts in the GDPR policy screen on low resolution devices (UE-4958)
▷ [GOOGLE CAST] Made sure podcasts are correctly displayed in the player of the Android device when using multi-sending (PPS-70)
▷ [podcast] Allowed free users to seek on podcasts (PROF-7223)

... And other things I cannot talk about right now :)

Have a good week!

5 replies

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Hello, any news on the annoying bug PROF-5395 and PROF-6526?

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I checked again about PROF-6526, now the info is shown on every album (sometimes it is not but it seems to fix itself). But now there seems to be a even worse problem... I have downloaded 2 times now the same album (in this case Haken - Vector) but the album doesn't appear in my downloaded albums, I search the album again and it gives me the option to downloaded again, as I have never downloaded it before. I don't know if this deserves a new ticket or not.
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I think I read on here (the whole community) last week that there is a problem with downloads not sticking/working and it will be fixed in the next release or maybe I just imagined it (it's Monday and lots of alcohol pickled my tiny brain since then!)
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Hopefully it will be solved soon.
. My music does not play exclusive lyrics