Android release note 6.0.1

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The version 6.0.1 of our android app is now available to beta users on the play store!

Note: this release notes also contains the 6.0.0 version updates.

We decided to bump the major version to 6 because this new version contains major improvements on right to left language management. To do this, we had to drop the oldest Android versions we supported, which are 4.2 and 4.3. Meaning the minimum supported Android version is now Kitkat (4.4). Don't worry if you use an older device, we will still continue to maintain the 5.X version!

▷ [ANDROID TV] Added a landing page to explain to unlogged users what Deezer is (PH-2305)
▷ [FLOW TAB] Moved the 'Add to playlist' button to the top of the Smart Tracklist cards, right under the cover image (PROF-6425)
▷ [player] Handled the player's behavior when performing a dislike action on the last track of a container (PROF-6371)
▷ [player] Automatically refresh the Favorite Tracks playlist when a favorited track is disliked and update the love icon in the player (PROF-6537)
▷ [GOOGLE ASSISTANT] Added support of free deeplinks for free users to be able to stream Deezer content through Assistant (PH-2285)

▷ [ANDROID TV] Made sure favorited tracks are not added twice to the Favorite Tracks in My Music (PPS-113)
▷ [conversion] Fixed error message displayed in the Offerwall ("unable to load page") when triggering it after login (UE-5050)
▷ [FLOW TAB] Prevented wordings to overlap each other when switching from landscape to portrait mode in Flow cards (PROF-7124)
▷ [player] Prevented the mini player from becoming all white because of the Network Status bar (PROF-6145)
▷ [ads] Fixed the ad player's progress counter (UE-5145)
▷ [album] Prevented the playback to be stopped and the My Music page to be displayed when scrolling down an album page with the 'Albums by the same artist' carousel (PROF-7193)
▷ [content] Fixed display of multiple equalizers on content pages (PPS-286)
▷ [deeplink] Prevented a crash when launching an autoplay deeplink while the app is closed (PPS-287)
▷ [family] Disable the 'Create profile' button when username is not filled in in the 'Add a new profile' form (UE-4930)
▷ [flow] Made sure it is possible to play Flow after killing and re-launching the app (PPS-317)
▷ [FLOW TAB] Fixed the player's behavior when hitting the back button to leave a Smart Tracklist (PROF-5664)
▷ [FLOW TAB] Fixed animation issues on Flow cards when rotating the device (PROF-7158)
▷ [GOOGLE CAST] Disabled the 'Shuffle' option in the player when casting (PH-1110)
▷ [GOOGLE CAST] Ensured all the information are available on each device when casting through multi devices (PPS-76)
▷ [GOOGLE CAST] Prevented the timeline bar (in sender expanded controls) to jump on disconnect / reconnect (PPS-64)
▷ [GOOGLE CAST] Made sure player icons are well aligned when casting podcasts and Mixes (PPS-269)
▷ [GOOGLE CAST] Fixed a blocking subscribe that blocked eventBus and prevented users from casting (PPS-356)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Restored arrows on items in the My Music main page (PROF-7195)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Made sure the My Music section is properly displayed on Android 6 (PROF-7235)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Fixed direct play in the 'Recently Downloaded' carousel on the 'Downloaded' subpage (PROF-7125)
▷ [player] Made sure no skip limit toast messages are displayed to Premium users after a 'Next' in the player (COREDROID-2234)

And a looooooot of RTL tickets 🙂


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please post the apk for those who has problems to get the beta version on playstore
Eben though it is not in the change log: voice commands in Android Auto are finally working for me with this release. Great!
Could you please add a list of supported commands?
Samsung GS9+
Playlists downloaded to device aren't showing their green dot unless i go back into the playlist and out.
But doesn't retain this on app restart.
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Grumpf wrote:

Eben though it is not in the change log: voice commands in Android Auto are finally working for me with this release. Great!

Oh, that is good to know. I use Deezer everyday via AA but haven't tried voice since there hasn't been support. I wonder why it's not in the release notes. There's still a number of bugs with AA in Deezer - mostly around which controls are on screen at any moment, but beyond that it's been pretty stable recently.
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I've spotted a podcast problem (on top of all the crap problems playing them already has).

If I choose a series (e.g. search for "Hall of Mirrors" by Mike Bennett). When I click on one of the episodes it actually plays another (I then have to click on the one I want again!). It only does this once when I first go the episodes every day.

On another note. If I pause half way through an episode and use other apps, when I come back it's forgotten where I'm up to within that episode (I'm sure this is a problem on all apps though).