Android release note 5.4.26

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A new beta version of our Android app is available: v5.4.26.3

Release Note:

▷ [content] Implemented windowing throughout the app: a "Premium" label will be displayed on album cells & thumbnails when albums are available to Premium members only, along with an availability date if it is planned to release them to all users (CV-79)
Next steps: adding the label in discographies and album pages.
▷ [ANDROID TV] Display the number of tracks and fans as well as the duration of the playlist under the playlist name on playlist pages (PH-2002)
▷ [FLOW TAB] Made sure the "Let's go" button on the Flow welcome screen redirects to the Flow tab instead of launching a direct play deeplink (PROF-6607)
▷ [FLOW TAB] Refresh the Flow cards with the artists selected in case of re-onboarding (PROF-6621)
▷ [FLOW TAB] [onboarding] In the onboarding, replaced the lion image of the loading screen by a new one (PROF-6520)

▷ [ads] Fixed audio ads' texts and constrained their width (UE-4763)
▷ [ANDROID TV] Prevented a crash on player opening (PH-2373)
▷ [artist] Made sure empty state buttons (offline shuffle in particular) are properly working on the artist page after device rotation (CV-296)
▷ [FLOW TAB] Made sure wordings don't overlap the chevron on Flow cards when they decrease in size to accommodate the Network Status bar in offline mode (PROF-6144)
▷ [gdpr] Fixed the item that indicates that the page is scrollable in the consent details screen (UE-4652)
▷ [GOOGLE ASSISTANT] Fixed artist deeplinks with autoplay (PH-2328)
▷ [GOOGLE ASSISTANT] Fixed playback state and various remaining deeplink issues (PH-2074)
▷ [GOOGLE CAST] Made sure the Cast icon is displayed in the top right corner of the expanded controls in landscape mode (PH-2290)
▷ [GOOGLE CAST] Fixed failing reconnection when waking up the device or reopening the app (PH-2288)
▷ [player] Display a toast message (instead of a popup) when trying to perform a 'Dislike' action while offline (PROF-6398)
▷ Fixed the constraint layout ratio for image narrowing so that screens displayed in case of simultaneous listening or end of trial are not broken in landscape mode (UE-4837)

Have a good end of the week 🙂

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Hi @antoinemerle,

thanks for the heads up. But i think there is a bug with flow in the last version.
When you klick the "X" for a song in Flow which you don't like, flow doesn't skip to the next track as before. you have to manual skip to the next track. So it is one click more.
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Hey @AnZu , thanks for your reply. We are already aware of this issue, it should be fixed in the next release 🙂
Hello. I'm new here, so maybe I just didn't find. Where are the latest release notes? My app version is currently, and I can't find any information on it 😞
Just as for Eyvind I am on version following switch to beta, but there is no info on what is in this release or definite confirmation that this is a beta release.
Is there somewhere we should be looking for this information?
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@Eyvind @Kenv Thanks a lot for the feedback. Will just check with the Android team. I'm sure the release note will be published here soon 🙂

@Kenv You can always find the latest changed and new features here on the community once the release note was published 🙂
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Sorry fellows!
I am really late on this one and haven't found the time to write up the release notes yet, I will probably wrap up this one and the next (6.0.1) in a coming post soon™️

Stay tuned!