Problem on the beta application to correct !

  • 27 February 2021
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I would like to point out on the beta deezer application that there are bugs that must be corrected.  In photo # 1 the color change to meant that you are listening to the music being played (pink font) does not appear.  On photo n ° 2 the share button and the "heart" are not correctly in the right place.


4 replies

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And also, there is another problem.  Let me explain, for example I listen to music from a playlist and I decide to put on another, from another playlist.  Normally the track I was listening to should stop but it doesn't and the other one I just chose starts playing.  So I have both music playing at the same time.  Sorry if that is not very precise but I hope you will understand.  I see this problem more often when the beta application is offline but also when it is connected.  Here I hope to have been clear in my problem.😅

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I think I get it.
We already have a ticket for this”double playback”.
I add your description to help reproduce and fix the issue.

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About the other 2 problems. First one is unfortunately known and hopefully fixed soon :fingers_crossed:

But we have never seen the buttons like that before !

Do you have it all the time ? Is it happening on any playlist or on a specific one ? 

It would be very helpful if you could also give us your device type (brand and model) and Android version. Since you are in the beta feed, I guess you are using app version or ?

Thank you for your help !

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Hello sorry for the delay 

This problem I have more often on my personal playlists. And also on your official playlists but less often.

Version Android : Android 11 

Devices : Samsung 

Deezer version :