Feedback Beta 6.2.44

  • 29 December 2021
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Hi Android team!

Some bugs found

  • [Minor bug] When opening the app, background of the navigation bar appear on the player
  • [Devices list] Sometimes, the button linked to my device is insensitive (like blocked), I need to leave and back of the devices list



  • [Flow Moods] Rarely, the Moods positions changes



  • [Album & Flow] I don’t know how, it only happened once, Flow have started to play at the end of the album and without the emoji button (just with Flow Moods) (video)
  • [SongCatcher] Rarely, at the end of the detection, the screen stay blocked with just the title and the artist



  • [SongCatcher] When scanning Save Your Tears - The Weeknd, the result is a compilation unavailable in France, the “Play” button start another song


Have a good day!

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