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  • 21 December 2021
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Hi! I don't know if it's just beta thing. I have some problems with downloading playlists/albums.


When I download a playlist, let's say favorite tracks, some songs get skipped. Restarting the app or downloading something else doesn't work. When I go to the album page and download it, those skipped songs get skipped again.

I can play those songs when I'm online but Deezer doesn't mark them green. So I won't be able to listen them when I'm offline. 


And there's another bug. Let's say I have a playlist with Radiohead tracks. I download this playlist and it's fully downloaded. All songs marked green. Then I chose a song and go to its album page and download it. Some songs got skipped while in the playlist they are green. 



Deezer Asus ZB602KL - Android 9

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