Can't enable download on cellular network

  • 23 March 2021
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I reinstalled Deezer to see if it would help the playback problems (keeps stopping every other song as reported in several threads).


Now it seems I can't enable download on cellular networks. This was activated before. 




2 replies

Hi @A.LeC 

Are other apps on your phone working properly in conjunction with mobile data? If so, there  could be an issue in the Deezer app.

However, it is sometimes necessary to wipe all the phones network settings. The Android OS provides a means to do this, and it fixed a problem for me a few months ago (Android settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings).  

If you try this, take care not to trigger one of the more extreme wipes on the page :slight_smile: Also, please note that this is not guaranteed to fix the issue you’re having, and would require all wifi, mobile data and bluetooth settings to be re-configured afterwards.

Best regards.

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Hi @Freezer ,

I was still on my home WiFi network when I tried to change the setting so I don't think it actually had to do with poor connectivity.


However today I revisited the setting and it saved, so I guess it was some temporary thing only.


Thanks for your help.