[bug] Overlapping quality info/lyrics

  • 2 October 2020
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Simple bug on devices with smaller screens - overlapping quality info/lyrics.



Device: FiiO X5 III (X5 3rd gen)

Android: 5.1.1


Tested on latest stable and beta apk.

6 replies

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Hi @p0k314, what is the version of the app?

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As I said latest stable and beta

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Hi @p0k314 thank you for your feedback. Our teams will be notified about this bug 

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Thank You!

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10 months - nothing changed.

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Hello @p0k314 

Thank you for reporting this to us.

Could you please perform these troubleshooting steps:

If you are using the battery saving mode on your device, turn it off while you are carrying out this test.

  • Go to your device settings ➡️ Apps & Notifications ➡️ Deezer ➡️ Storage & Cache ➡️ Clear Cache
  • Open the Deezer app ➡️ Gearwheel in the top right corner ➡️ Log out at the bottom of the page
  • Turn off then on your device
  • Log in to Deezer
  • Stream a few songs and navigate in the app

⚠️ Your Downloaded music on Deezer will be deleted, but you can easily download your favourite playlists and albums from your Favourites.

If that does not work, please report the but directly to beta@deezer.com and try out the normal version of the app as that should not been happening in there,

Enjoy Deezer!! :joystick: