App performance is degraded when i'm playing my favorite tracks

  • 20 May 2021
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Hi Android Team! :)

Just a little report about the app performance

When i’m playing my favorite tracks : navigation and player animation (swipe up/down) take time to load.
I’ve already discussed with Carole T. about this bug, it was fixed... but it reappeared :(

When i’m listening Flow or playlists, the app is fluid ^^

Device : OnePlus Nord (with Android 10)
App : (with +2168 favorite tracks)

Thanks again for your incredible work!
Axouuu, Deezer Legend on French Community

8 replies

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Yes I also noticed this.

When using the swipe up/down gestures to minimize/maximize the now playing track in favorites the animation is kinda slow and unresponsive, compared to everything else.

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Hello ! 

Indeed, we had some crashs linked to this optimisation so we had to roll back a little on this. Although, it should still be better than before but not as good as what you experienced for a couple weeks ! 

Do you feel like it’s worse than before ? 

Hopefully we will find a better way to handle this ! :fingers_crossed_tone2:

Thanks for your help, highly appreciated as always ! 

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@Carole Thebaud

It's definitely worse than before. When swiping up/down the maximized/minimized player within favorites playlist it has become really sluggish, heavy, laggy. The cover doesn't minimize/maximize in the same fluid, instant way it did previously to this. All I'm asking for is to reinstate the previous app performance for favorites playlist. It's unusable this way.

Please check this topic aswell:


Hello Carole!

Do you feel like it’s worse than before ?

A little bit, yes
Exactly like Harmonie

Recently, i’ve imported a playlist (with 980 titles) from my old Spotify account to my Deezer account and i noticed the same issue..
So this bug is not specific to the favorites playlist, but maybe to the tracklist length :(

Hopefully we will find a better way to handle this ! :fingers_crossed_tone2:


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I've tested it several times now. The slow, laggy swipe up/down animation only happens when playing a track from favorites playlist.

Doesn't occur with other playlists, my own created playlists, or albums.

There's something gone wrong with favorites playlist.

It's easily reproducible, and noticable.

How many favorites have you @Harmonie?

It’s easily reproducible, and noticable.


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How many favorites have you @Harmonie?

Only 328 Tracks. It has nothing to do with the amount of tracks you have. 

Woow, veryyyy strange!