Android - i have a song stuck in my "liked" playlist that i cant remove

Hey so I'm on the beta branch of the Android app. Running on a fully updated Galaxy Note 10+ android 11. It's not related to mobile though, it happens on everything. 


Anyways I added a track to my favorite tracks playlist using the "add tracks" button and it added the track to the playlist, but didn't "heart" the song so I can't remove the song from the playlist and trying to "heart" the song gives an error saying it's already in the playlist. 


How can I remove the stuck song now? Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to hear that.

You can try with clearing cache, or even w/deleting Deezer app, and installing it back.

I hope this helps.

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Hello !

Have you tried to pull to refresh ? 

Otherwise, you can try to kill the app and restart to see if that song is still stuck. If so, you can maybe go on the web and try to fix it from there ? In case you manage to fix your problem by any of these ways, can you try to have the problem with another song and tell us if the same thing happens please ?

Thanks for letting us know about this, we’ll try to find out what’s happened.