Android Beta Releases Notes 6.2.12

  • 2 October 2020
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Hello there,

A new beta version of our Android application is available : v6.2.12 !



▷ [LOGIN / SIGNUP] Added a warning message when unlinking a Deezer account from a third party (Facebook, Google)

▷ [SOCIAL SHARING] Ensured free users access the 30s preview when opening a track deeplink

Bug fixes:

▷ [DOWNLOAD] Fixed track downloading bug and made sure users can still play a downloaded track

▷ [GENERAL] Prevented a specific error message (displayed when getting an error in the player) from being displayed each time the user changes screen in the app

▷ [FAVORITES] Prevented crashes when tapping the settings icon

▷ [FAVORITES] Prevented the playlists sorted by 'recently added' in the favorite 'Playlists' section from changing order whenever the user opens a playlist and hits previous

▷ [LOGIN] Prevented the app from crashing in the password change journey (right after entering the secured session code)


Have fun !

3 replies

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No option for remove song from playlist (daily playlist)

I want to download this beta apk. But how?

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I want to download this beta apk. But how?


Go to in: