Android Beta Release Notes

  • 6 April 2022
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Hello there,


A new beta version of our Android application is available : v7.0.2.3 (available since April 1st)


Release note: 



▷ [FAMILY] The main Family account can now convert profiles into independent accounts from the profiles' options menus of the "Members" screen


Bug fixes:

▷ [ARTIST] The biography displayed in the artist's information subpage ( (info) icon) is now the right one, even after visiting other artists' biographies 
▷ [FAMILY] The app no longer crashes when trying to display the Family account churning box ("This account no longer benefits from a Deezer Family plan") 

▷ [FAVORITES] The favorite Playlists' counter is now accurate 

▷ [FLOW] The Flow mood's tooltip is now correctly positioned when the phone is used in landscape mode or when the Waze banner is displayed 

▷ [FLOW] The Flow wheel no longer opens unexpectedly when rotating the device, dismissing the skip limitation box, unlocking the phone or after an ad break

▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] Users now get an error message (instead of infinite loading) when signing up with a new Facebook account and entering an invalid age

▷ [SEARCH] When tapped, query revision's suggestions are now added to the "Recent searches" section

▷ [SONGCATCHER] The 'close' button (cross icon) no longer overlaps the track's name in the SongCatcher result page 

5 replies

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Is it a bug, that the playlists are displayed so big in the search bar?


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Hello @lm41,

indeed it's a bug. We have already fixed it and it will be available in the next release.


Hi @Clément Deezer and the Android team!

Love the new design of favorites playlists and artists!

Do you plan to return the display in square in favorites playlists and the “Most listened” sorting in favorites artists?

Thanks :)

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Hi @Axouuu,

Thanks for the feedback, i'm happy that you loved the new design.


To answer your question, it's planned to return the display in square in the favorites playlists.

But the "Most listened" will not be returned (an other sorting method will be added in the futur).



Thank you Clément!