Android Beta Release Notes 6.2.43

  • 15 December 2021
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Hello there,

A new beta version of our Android application is available: v6.2.43 (since december 10th).


Release note: 



▷ [cast] Users can now cast live streams, in particular radios, to other devices (i.e. the cast icon is now displayed in the radio player and Radio page, and the right player interface is displayed for radios in a 'cast' context)



▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] The wording of the error message that is displayed when entering a wrong password in the smart journey with the new 'Log in without password' option was updated 

Please see below the new wording in the case of a wrong password and in the case of a wrong password with an instant authentication link:


Bug fixes:

▷ [family] The number of remaining Family profiles is now correctly updated in the 'Members' page after inviting new members

▷ [favorites] Multiple activity windows are no longer opened when stressing the "Downloaded" entry in the Favorites tab 

▷ [free] Only one 30-second preview can be played at once when tapping two different tracks of the same album at the same time with a Deezer Free account 

▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] The email address specified in the 'Email' field of the smart journey is now retained when changing the orientation of the device

▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] The 'invalid password' error message is now always displayed when entering a wrong password in the smart journey

▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] Changing the device's mode to dark no longer impacts the Facebook sign-in process

▷ [onboarding] The icons of the status bar (i.e. the bar on top of the screen displaying the time, battery level, wifi connection, etc.) are now always visible in dark and light modes

▷ [player] Screens are no longer cropped when the mini-player is not displayed

▷ [player] The device's keyboard can no longer be displayed when the big player is open

▷ [playlist] An error is now displayed when there is an issue with the creation/editing of a playlist (e.g. when the playlist's title contains only spaces) 

▷ [playlist] The pop-up that is displayed when trying to play explicit content with explicit settings enabled is now automatically dismissed after tapping the 'No' option once

▷ [USER FEEDBACK] The right error message is displayed when attempting to change moods (from the menu that opens when tapping the 'angry' icon in the player) while offline

▷ [USER FEEDBACK] A confirmation message is now displayed when tapping the 'Allow in my recommendations' option in a track's context menu 

▷ [USER FEEDBACK] The wording displayed in track context menus to ban a song was standardized: it is now "Don't recommend this track" everywhere

▷ The icons of the navbar (i.e. the bar at the bottom of the player and the tab bar) are now properly displayed on Android 6 devices (and lower)

▷ [podcast] Each podcast episode now has a specific cover (it was already the case on iOS since version



:sparkles: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  :christmas_tree:



5 replies

Happy end of year Sanders and the Android team! :snowman:

I'm assiuming that the crashes from 6.2.42 are fixed, are they.


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@lm41 they should be. Let me know if they are not



I have a bug report. The "Wiedergab" should be "Wiedergabe"


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Hi @lm41 ,

Thank you for the report. This is sent to the team in charge of the translations