Android Beta Release Notes 6.2.40

  • 3 November 2021
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Hello there,

A new beta version of our Android application is available: v6.2.40




▷ [songcatcher] Added an animation when SongCatcher is searching to make the waiting time feel shorter for users (UP-8049)



Bug fixes:

▷ [ads] Prevented free users from changing Flow moods in the first 30 seconds of a sponsored track (by blocking the Flow button at the top of the big player) (ADS-1741)
▷ [conversion] Made sure the content of the Premium tab is properly displayed when tapping the Premium icon of the tab bar while on the payment page (CONVERSION-949)
▷ [conversion] Prevented a 'Connection failure' error message from popping when trying to access some WebViews, in particular when trying to subscribe to Deezer HiFi from the Audio settings page (CONVERSION-927)
▷ [flow] Prevented the Flow wheel from being blocked and unusable when putting the app in background and returning (UP-8684)
▷ [gdpr] Restored margins in the 'cookies' consent screen (CX-2589)
▷ [localization] Ensured the Serbian language is properly supported in the app (CX-2461)

▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] Made sure users can only enter an email address in the 'Finalize your signup' screen of the missing email journey in MSISDN countries (CX-2507)
▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] Ensured a suggestion bar is displayed for the email/phone field in the smart login journey when the Swiftkey keyboard is installed (+ autofill when Bitwarden password manager is also installed) (CX-2545)
▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] Ensured the 'Log out' button brings the user back to the app's login screen, in particular when logging out after the display of the license expiration pop-up (CX-2544)
▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] Fixed cursor issues in the smart journey's welcome screen (CX-2503)
▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] Fixed password strength alignment issues and email/phone input glitches in the smart journey in RTL mode (CX-2600CX-2601)
▷ [playlist] Fixed the state of the tracklist (latencies, wrong display) in playlist pages after using the filtering option (UP-6119)
▷ [playlist] Prevented the playlist's description from being reset when updating a playlist (UP-8708)

▷ [settings] Added an error toast message when updating one's username and entering less than two characters (CX-2541)
▷ [settings] Fixed profile picture uploads in the 'Account management' screen (CX-2540)


Have a nice day 



7 replies

My first beta version. The Crossfade Duration slider does not have any effect on my device.

Sometimes when the crossfade works, the crossfade swallows TWO following tracks together at once, both tracks start together, whereas the starting track 1 fades out and the track 2 plays on, while the player shows track 1 as currently being played. Duration set to 16s.

Thank you Sanders for the release notes!
Happy to see bugs I’ve reported fixed :blush:

@Martin Lipocky yup, the cross-fade function is broken for the moment, it will be fixed later
The Android team actually working for optimize the Android app :slight_smile:

For the moment, turn off cross-fade

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@Axouuu happy to see your also happy :relaxed: In addition thank you to be active in the community :muscle:

@Martin Lipocky did my job and I have no more to say :laughing:

Have a nice week guys

What about the release notes of 6.2.41 (published yesterday)? 😅

The 6.2.40 didn't last long 😂

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Hi @Jonathan_bdlf , this is coming :wink:



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Hi @Jonathan_bdlf , sorry for the delay here’s the release notes 6.2.41

Best Regards,