Android Beta Release Notes 6.2.34

  • 12 August 2021
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Hello there,

A new beta version of our Android application is available: v6.2.34



▷ [CONVERSION] Renamed "Family Members" to "Members" on all views (in particular the Favorites tab)

▷ Updated the look and feel of error message boxes and removed icons from box titles (in the player in particular, but not only)


Bug fixes:

▷ [ARTIST] Made sure the 'favorite' status is correctly updated when adding / removing an album to / from favorites from album context menus in discography pages

▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] Made sure content pages are properly loaded and direct play buttons are working when starting / restarting the app from the phone's recent apps

▷ [ONBOARDING] Made sure the keyboard is automatically displayed when tapping the search field in the artist picking screen of the onboarding journey

▷ [PLAYLIST] In the playlist creation and editing screens, restored the cross in the playlist name field to be able to clear it at once

▷ [SETTINGS] Ensured dark mode is well applied in the 'Privacy settings' screen

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