Android Beta Release Notes 6.2.29

  • 10 June 2021
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▷ [PLAYLIST] Added a search field to the playlist assistant so that users can type specific queries and obtain related track results


Screenshot_20210531-185421.png?version=1&modificationDate=1622480248381&cacheVersion=1&api=v2&width=225&height=400   Screenshot_20210531-185402.png?version=1&modificationDate=1622480265265&cacheVersion=1&api=v2&width=225&height=400



Bug fixes:

▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] Prevented formatting errors in case of spaces before / after the email in the email field of the "Secure my account", "Change email address" and MSISDN relog screens

▷ [LOGIN/SIGNUP] Fixed the color of the login button in the login and registration (by email and MSISDN) screens in dark mode

▷ [PLAYER] Ensured users can access the lyrics of a track by tapping the track's cover in the fullscreen player

▷ [PLAYER] Made sure the "Failed to play" error is dismissed when playing a downloaded episode right after attempting to play an undownloaded episode in airplane mode

▷ [PLAYLIST] Made sure the corresponding artist's name is displayed as a subtitle in "100%" playlists' context menus 

▷ [PLAYLIST] Prevented the playlist assistant entry point (= "Add tracks" button) from being displayed in other users' favorite tracks

▷ [PLAYLIST] Made sure the playlist assistant entry point (= "Add tracks" button) is displayed in the Favorite tracks' empty state screen

▷ [SONGCATCHER] Prevented crashes when accessing the Search tab and tapping the SongCatcher icon

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