Android Beta Release Notes 6.2.24

  • 25 March 2021
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A new beta version of our Android application is available : v6.2.24




▷ [FAVORITES] Implemented cobranding in the Favorites tab, i.e. ensured B2B customers see the partner's logo next to the Deezer logo

▷ [FREE] Implemented linear track previews on personal playlists and Favorite Tracks for free users (with a highlight of the artists featuring in the playlist and a link to the tracklist subpage)

▷ [SETTINGS] Implemented cobranding in the settings page, i.e. ensured B2B customers see the partner's logo next to their offer's name

▷ [TAB BAR] Renamed the 'Shows' tab into 'Podcasts'

▷ [TAB BAR] Removed the default animation when switching tabs and replaced it with a fade in / fade out


Bug fixes:

▷ [FAVORITES] Prevented a toast message (asking the user to add content to their favorites) from being displayed when the user already has a few favorite tracks and taps the 'Shuffle my music' button 

▷ [FREE] Fixed a sound glitch when changing the orientation of the device while listening to a 30 second preview (with another song loaded in the player in parallel)

▷ [FREE] Fixed the size of the 30 second preview layer in landscape mode

▷ [SOCIAL SHARING] Fixed story sharing with video background on Instagram

▷ [TELCO] Prevented the 'play' button from spinning on a podcast page after dismissing the zero-rated content pop-up


1 reply

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My android app updated to version yesterday and this morning I noticed that when my phone connects to Android Auto it logs me out of the Deezer app, it did this a few times this morning.The app update has been the only change.


Samsung S20 Ultra

Android 11

AA version