Android Beta Release Notes 6.2.21

  • 11 February 2021
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A new beta version of our Android application is available : v6.2.21



▷ [ADS] Added an original playlist overlay for editorial sponsored playlists (ADS-1536)



▷ [ARTIST] Added featured contributors in the new artist header in track context menus (CV-2777) 

▷ [AUTOMOTIVE] Added the 'Recently played' section to the 'Favorites' tab in Google Automotive (PPS-2691)




▷ [GDPR] Highlighted the 'our partners' IAB link in the first consent screen (aka 'cookies screen') and made sure it redirects to the 'Vendors' webview (ADS-1482) 

▷ [SOCIAL SHARING] Replaced the direct share icon with the OS native one (SOSHA-449) 


Bug fixes:

▷ [ADS] Prevented crashes on native Smart Ads display (ADS-1563)

▷ [AUTO] Made sure content is properly played when launching playback from Mixes > Favorites artists > any artist in Android Auto (PPS-3884)

▷ [CAST] Made sure the previous action is enabled in the player when casting a podcast (PPS-3873)

▷ [DYNAMIC PAGE] Added a shuffle button on long cards in dynamic pages for free users, in particular in the 'Popular playlists' section (UP-6318)

▷ [DYNAMIC PAGE] Made sure the 'view all' icons (= 'chevrons') next to section titles in the Music homepage are functional when tapped (UP-6358)

▷ [DYNAMIC PAGE] Made sure 'view all' icons (= 'chevrons') are properly displayed next to 2-line section titles in the Music homepage (UP-6296)

▷ [FAMILY] Display profile names on a single line (with an ellipsis when necessary) in the 'Family members' screen (UP-5843)

▷ [FAVORITES] Added a confirmation box after leaving the 'Favorite tracks' editing / reordering screen without saving (UP-6435)

▷ [PLAYER] Handled the subtitle for 'My MP3s', 'Just Heard' and 'Top tracks' playlists properly in the fullscreen player (UP-6384)

▷ [PLAYER] Made sure track context menus are accessible from the Queue list when playing the offline shuffle ('Downloaded' > 'Shuffle play') (UP-6210)

1 reply

Hi @Hugo U !

The new share icon is so better than the old!
So great for new users!

Since the deployment of the new settings page, the numbers of followers/following disappear randomly, I need to restart the app to get back the numbers

Screenshot in attachment :)

Device: OnePlus Nord (Android 11) / App:

UI Suggestion:
It can be nice to add icons in the track context menus like on the iOS app ;)

Good week Android team!