Android Beta Release Notes 6.2.19

  • 12 January 2021
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Hello there,

A new beta version of our Android application is available : v6.2.19



▷ [MESSAGING] Created a deeplink for content sharing (to later plug it to an action button in in-app messages) (MESSAGING-1163)

▷ [MESSAGING] Updated the wording of the toast message displayed when users unsubscribe from a podcast notification so that it is more explicit (MESSAGING-1317)

▷ [SETTINGS] Updated the design of the 'Secure your account' setting (CONVERSION-591)


Bug fixes:

▷ [ADS] Ensured top share and add to favorites buttons are always white in sponsored playlists (ADS-1499)

▷ [MESSAGING] Made sure the settings and Inbox buttons are correctly aligned in the Music tab when the 'Recently played' section is displayed (MESSAGING-1259)

▷ [PLAYLIST] Made sure an error state is displayed when visiting a non-cached playlist page in offline mode (instead of an infinite loader) (UP-6069)

▷ [PLAYLIST] Fixed the cover display in the playlist editing screen (UP-5739)



5 replies

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hello, there is a problem with the playlist, we can not change anything 

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Hi @MATHÉO.YANN what do you mean by “change anything” please? 

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(je m’exprime dans ma langue maternelle  désolé ) 

bonjour , @Sanders Deezer   depuis que j’ai télécharger cette version je n’arrive plus à  retirer un titre  d’une playlist  , je suis allé au centre d’aide pour qui fasse remonter plus rapidement le problème .


bonne journée 

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@MATHÉO.YANN a fix is actually in development. It will be released as soon as possible in this version.

Sorry for this inconvenience 

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I am currently on version and since the last update and over the last few days if I go from listening to Deezer on my phone to Android Auto the audio remains on the phone, every other element shows through on Android Auto. No other software updates have occurred in this time so I am guessing is something with Deezer.